Indonesia Has This, Most Startup Homes Don’t

Naturally startup departs from a small group hacking the way to get something done differently. In other words, it is to “simplify” living. So, who got the 99 (and way more) living problems to simplify? Indonesia?

This should be Indonesia’s specialty since we have always been rooted to this challenge by land. Indonesia is an archipelago, of too many tongues and custom to make a list. As a result, there is another specific challenge of communication and connectivity. While conventional business has to keep advancing itself to tackle such challenge, digital business is empowered by it.

Unlike (other large homes for startup in Asia) India or China, Indonesia has to beat the odds against a more complex socio-economics following the wide spread of distance. With more than 13.000 of islands, Indonesia is already facing 13.000 more problems than other country inhabiting a single land.

Indonesia is far from running out of problems. Given the distinct demography, a community app by a startup from Bandung is more likely to come up with a different idea than one from Makassar. And so on. In this light, Indonesia has more problems to fuel startup concepts.

Imagine how many problems can be raised. How many solutions can be provided? Not to mention, the many possibility of modification to add to the table. But most importantly, our problem of integration is likely to be more complex than the rest of the world. If big things do come from diverse and complex community, Indonesia is in a good shape.


Thank you Stacy Abigail Oentoro for her piece “Indonesia’s Time to Join the Digital Global Economy” on!


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